The Journals of Jackson Flynn: On Kasserine Powell


Nosferatu– connection to Goodman Goring, aka Mad Morgan.

Mad Morgan connected to June connected to Justicar Cole. Another on Cole’s side? Or Pieterzoons? Not sure if she even knows there’s a war there.

No record if she voted in the Conclave, or which sides she took. No record of opinion on the Anarch Movement.

“Goring with tits”.

Seems an arrogant sort from the rumors about her. Harpies don’t like her very much. Probably make a good Anarch if she hasn’t swallowed too much of the kool-aid.


TO-DO: Contact Ammarah


Spent time in San Antonio? Conclave? Justicar Business? Goring? Sharp doesn’t like her.  Good.

[A sketch of a card, the Queen of Spades]

More digging. Seems she and Goring are not on good terms– or weren’t for the first forty years of her embrace. Why, then, would someone who is the suite of air and blades be willing to reverse her opinion? Goring not Goring? Kass not Kass?


Just got an email from Powell. Interesting as shit. Claims she’s trying to get a read on the temperature of the Movement. Maybe she’s involved in deeper shit than I gave her credit for, if she’s trying to gauge who we are and where we’re at. I’m going to transfer the dossier to a full journal, in case we wind up learning more. Set up a live meeting, just to see where it goes. Doubt she’ll show. No cammie in their right mind is gonna walk into the heart of Anarch teritory.

She showed. First impressions: shit taste in beer, decent taste in music, and she looks about ready to punch someone in the face. If she’s here to pick a fight, she has no idea what that means. SM is not afraid of making an uppity campire disappear.



Business was boring. Selling the same spiel as always, nothing new on that front. Camarilla radicalism, blah blah; beginning to suspect she’s playing for Team Pieterzoon. (JUST12) Still no idea where her actual loyalties lie, but if what I know about Nos is true, then it’s probably Team Nos followed closely by this highest bidder.

She’s buying the anti-Justicar-as-rulers propo that I’ve seen before. (VENT33, DXTR2) Princes as rightful rulers of all they perview and all that jazz. As if nerfing the Justicar’s problems is going to fix anything. The Camarilla has some fundamental ethical and moral failings that are why it is going to fall apart– probably in the next 50 years. She doesn’t seem to see them, or first impressions are that she’s hiding it. Still, the offer of military support for the Movement is pretty tempting. I definitely need to keep her the hell away from Darling and Gonzales. Those idiots will start World War III fucking tomorrow if they get anywhere even near the shit she’s spewing.

Take or Submit. I know I’ve heard that before. (JUNE2)

Didn’t fight too hard when I sold her the party line of being happy with diplomacy. As if anyone with half a brain actually thinks that peace between the Movement and the Camarilla is going to last very long. It’s just… the best option we have.

More Sabbat info. Looks like they’re getting pretty military about the whole thing. Kass doesn’t seem to know anything about June’s demon. When I asked her if she knew about what was hunting June, she talked about the Sabbat.
Interesting note; she’s a musician. Doesn’t know it yet, but she’ll be pretty damn good with that violin one day. Now I have to tell Harper that I gave her violin away. I’m sure it’ll be fine.



Kass came to the bar today. Met most of the others. I kicked her ass.

God, I needed that.

With the world in the state it is, it just felt good to solidly kick some ass. To have an enemy that stood there, that I could punch until it wasn’t there anymore. I don’t think I can really express just how… useful that was. In a way that not even my people can understand.

She bit me.

That was less than pleasant, reminded me of Lexi. Of Daphne. I don’t know quite how I’m going to explain this to Lexi. She’s distracted enough as it is with her newfound Cammie-ness. LEXI28

Then music lessons.


I don’t really have words to describe what it’s like. I haven’t had someone who got music so quickly since Roy. She says her wife died. That’s the kind of thing that’ll do it. Should probably look up more Blues to see if I can teach her something worthwhile.

Despite all the bullshit and the politics, I think I’d like to consider her my friend. It isn’t entirely unheard of. Orelia, Wadsworth (MALK2, MALK4) are both my friends. Dexter’s an ally. Not every Campire is an evil monster, just the ones in charge. And it doesn’t look like Kass is in charge of much of anything at all. She barely wants to be there.

Twenty years of service. 80 major boons. That is the highest magnitude of bullshit I have ever in my life heard. She could hide, find a new life among the Movement like Malachai. I don’t think she’d do it, though. It would seem too much like running away, and she’s got a Brujah’s pride.

Thought: What would I do if Lexi died? I’m not sure I would survive it. Certainly, I wouldn’t be the same. Not sure I can survive without [something is scratched out here] GNGR12 KNDR18

Kass wrote something nice about Lexi on the cammie forums– Lexi won a contest, and now the whole world gets to know that she’s the winner. Station and accolades and all that crap. It’s easy to say that I don’t care, but I do.

Lexi is my everything. As long as she continues, I will be okay. As long as the stars shine, I will love her. I owe Kass a solid for this; she says she did it because Lexi was the clear winner, but still. Someone on that team is watching over her, and that means more than I can say.


I think [something is scratched out] that Kass is solidly among my friends.



“Queen of Spades. Suite of air and blades. Veins full of foreign dirt and gasoline, not sure whether she’d rather swallow God or a match.”

“Green shadows on the wall of a reed hut. Blades and air, Helo is here. I can’t leave all this. I can’t.”


Harper says it means anger. Regret? Probably not working in the Justicar War, or if she is, she’s on Goring’s side–whichever the hell side is that. I don’t know much about her, but I have a contact in OKC who might.  Something about where she comes from.

Uveron came through with information: embrace near or around Vietnam? Some kind of war– obvious from her appearance. Spent time with Goring in Scotland (fetching something? training? more Justicar stuff?)

Vegas. Fucking Vegas. I have to put my thoughts down, but I can’t.

Kass was there. In the room. When Gwendeolyn signed away our only bargaining chip. She was there when I had to say goodbye to Lexi.

I wish I’d been able to spend more time with her, but she keeps hanging around that Ventrue Servire to June. I can’t trust anyone who’s too close to Pieterzoon or Cole, and quite frankly the minion of Cole’s crazypants grandchilde is not high on my list of people who will be my friend.

Plus, she keeps getting interrogated. I’m not sure I can stay cool in a room where my friend is getting her mind raped by the Thought Police. The entire existence of the Thought Police is a offense to morality and ethics entirely. It shows a complete and total disregard for anything even resembling a conscience.

Just a reminder that no matter how much they may espouse ‘humanity’, the Camarilla is evil. And now they’re doing that evil to my friend. I hope she comes to jam soon. Lexi’s being… weird. Cold. Distant. I need music in my life right now.


She showed up again. Jammed to the new Daft Punk song that Eve is into. I’m pretty much done teaching her the violin. So, if she shows up again, it’s gonna be because she wants to just be here. I find myself wishing every time I think about her that she were one of us. She practically is one of us, just caught in a web of lies and cheating. And it’s got her all sucked in now. W says that she’s been taking over for the Clanhead  a lot; saw it in Vegas, so I think it’s true.

Fucking Clanhead. Why would she dive into politics? Does the cammie mentality of power and titles reach so far under her skin that she’d play the game to win? And if so, then what is her win condition now?

Please don’t let her be like Lexi. I can’t really stand to watch another friend get their soul sucked out by shiny lies of the Elders. I miss Lexi– but I can’t stand who she is now. I love her. I always will. But I’m not sure she’s her anymore.

I don’t want that to happen to Kass, too.

Kass is working for Serafin. Boon, probably. Don’t know for how long. Fuck, I hate that guy.



I’m writing this because I want there to be a record. I screwed up, and now Kass is paying the price. While I don’t think Serafin is going to go for a full mind wipe just yet, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s always on the table. There is always every possibility that he’ll decide that the incremental approach isn’t working, or that his inner voice isn’t sufficiently bringing her to heel.

The more time she spends with me, the higher that likelihood becomes.

I’ve learned so much about who Kass is now. I don’t want to lose that. If Serafin changed her memorys, who will be left?

Millie Powell?
Who is Millie Powell?

The Priest will be gone. Just gone. There’s no chance that he would leave the violence and the anger behind. He wouldn’t understand how important it is. Stupid, arrogant, short [the rest of this is scratched out].

I want that. All of that, from all of her.

I can only hope that the Nurse and the Soldier will still be there.

I can only hope that Rachel will still be there.

[He writes the stories she told him about Rachel.]


I love her, all of her, as she is right here and now. But I don’t know if I’ll love what comes out if Serafin decides to go full Clockwork Orange on her. I don’t know who or what Millie Powell is, but I do know that I don’t love her. I don’t think I can.

All I’ll see is what they did to her. Like all I can see when I look at Sharp. There’s no room in that for anything but pity.

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