Liminal Statement: Jackson Flynn

I was Jackson Flynn.
Childe of Smiling Jack.
Anarch. Revolutionary.

I was angry, lost, and addicted to anything that would give me a moment’s reprise from the anger and the pain.

I was a simple man consumed by politics of equality and civil rights, then thrust into a world of demons and greater powers.

I was a leader in the Anarch Movement. I demanded better of everyone around me, and most of all myself.

I was a guitarist who believed that music was the greatest healing power in this lonely World of Darkness.

I was a serial lover, gifting my heart over and over as I tried to find where it belonged.

I found that belonging with Kasserine Powell, a complicated person whose strength and passion matched my own.

I did everything I could to be the man I wanted to be, choosing Humanity over even my own existence.

I secretly feared that the things my enemies told me were right: that deep down, I was just like the tyrants I fought against.

As I move away from being Jackson Flynn, I want to take with me his willingness to love, and his conviction that goodness could be found in this world if you work hard enough.

I was Jackson Flynn, and now I am Kevin Whiteside.


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