Larp Design Sample: Highsummer Wedding

Introduction Not too long ago, I ran a one-shot LARP set in White Wolf’s Changeling the Dreaming, using a Nordic-LARP inspired bespoke system. The premise of the LARP, which was titled Highsummer Wedding,¬†was a wedding that would solidify the alliance between two noble Sidhe houses in the Southern USA. Literally, I wanted to write a[…]

Nordic-LARP Techniques in the MES

One of the things I’ve been asked the most to write on is how well the integration of Nordic-style LARP techniques has fared inside one of the massive behemoths of American LARPing: the Mind’s Eye Society (previously The Camarilla). After attending my first few LARPs that embraced Nordic techniques (brief shout-out to Planetfall¬†by Matthew Webb,[…]