Coding Skills

For those interested, this is a brief list of buzz words and skills which I can be reasonably said to posses!

As a definition, if I say ‘proficient’, I mean that I have used this language to accomplish a non-trivial task before, and know it well enough to do other things.

If I use ‘familiar’, I mean that I know it well enough to¬†solve a problem with some googling and my general algorithms/data-structures knowledge.

C# / .NET

I’ve been working with ASP.NET for about 5 years, including Webforms, MVC4 MVC5, and WebAPI2. I’m familiar with the Razor syntax, and using it as a front end.

For ORMs, I’m proficient with EntityFramework, and it’s my first choice when interacting with MSSQL databases.

I’ve coded enough apps in WinForms to be proficient, and even a few toy programs to become familiar with WPF with XAML.


I’ve authored a few basic apps to be familiar with NodeJS (mostly API stuff using Express), but I have a good deal of experience with AngularJS and Angular2.

I love me some test-driven development, and Karma+Jasmine is my drug of choice for unit testing.


I’m proficient with the MVC and MVVM architecture patterns, as well as some Data-Warehousing patterns in SQL.

Relational database design is my bread and butter, with a strong proficiency in MSSQL and mySQL.

I know what REST means, and how to structure a REST API.


I’m proficient with Visual Studio (2013+), VS Code, WebStorm, npm, git, and the Angular CLI.